Hi, I am Jana Cova, former Digital Playground contract girl and Penthouse pet of the year 2003. I have also been featured in every major men's magazine such as Hustler, Penthouse, High Society, UK FHM, Men's World and others. I shot for the best video production and with the most profesional photographers mostly in U.S.A.
Since 2008 I have my own production. We focus on solo, hot masturbation scenes focusing on panythose fetish, JO talk fetish, light bondage, G/G hot and nasty videos.
As a member of my website you will have access to thousands of my photos and videos, updated 3 times a week, most of them shot exclusivly for my website. You can also watch my live web cam shows every Sunday, where you can see me interact with myself or with my man :)
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I am looking forward to see you inside. With all my love
Jana Cova

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Toy Play 2
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29 Oct 2014
Pool Fun
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24 Oct 2014
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23 Oct 2014
Guadeloupe 3
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Friday, 31 Oct 2014
Early in the morning today.Don´t get me wrong,I never look like that at 7am,BUT I descovered something cool on my new cell phone.Setting in my camera "beautifull face",cliked it,took a picture and I LOOK FRESH.
I will shoot photosets with my cell phone from now:-).Safe time brushing the pics.......

Jana xoxo
Friday, 31 Oct 2014
Happy Halloween guys.Have a great and fun day today.
jana xoxo
Tuesday, 28 Oct 2014
Its holiday here in Czech today.I will be out of town,begining of today and will be back on Thursday.Lot of driving for me,but its fine:-)
I had to make an appointment to swith my tires on Friday and also will have a meeting with one possibly new photograph.The young guy,I was telling you before.
Also,there will be website shoot next week on Tuesday and I will shoot my Christmas pics and video as well,that day.
Have a great day.
Jana xoxo
Sunday, 26 Oct 2014
It was already so cold on our Cottage ,that I had to sit by the fire with glass of champagne,and try to stay warm.Always keep the style:-)
Jana xoxo
Saturday, 25 Oct 2014
I am leaving to our Cottage to prepare it for winter.I always thought,that Cottage is for one reason only, to go there and rest.I never went there and rested,always some work to do there.And prepare the 130 years old house for winter,takes time and energy.
I wnet to TRX work out again yesterday and guess what,my body hurts,again.I weight 50kg and I fell light,but when I work out with my own weight,I fell so heavy after while:-)
Well,have a great weekend and fun.
Jana xoxo
Friday, 24 Oct 2014
You know I love Volvo and I already have my third Volvo,since I started drive.Well,my very first car was this little, super red,sports looking Mazda.But after I had bunch of accidents with it,while leaving or getting in to my garage,I sold it and started with the Volvo´s.And now I sew brand new XC90.I had the previouse one and I was so happy with it,that I will propabyl have to have the new one as well.One day,one day.....And black color it is:-)
I am much better now.I have no idea what was it,but how fast it came and got me,same fast it left,with little pill help.
I have to post this picture,because pics shot by Misha are my all time favorite.
Jana xoxo
Thursday, 23 Oct 2014
Good morning,guys.I am really sorry,but I woked up felling very sick with high fever.I dont fell like doing live show today morning.I will reschedgule for another day and will propably have to drive me to see my doctor.
Sorry for that.

Good news is,that I had a meeting with my webmaster and web design guy yesterday evening and they already had a concept of my new web design and I loved it so far.It may také one month or little bit longer to put the "new" website online and running,but I hope you will be please.It will be completly differant,than the one I have now.
Jana xoxo
Tuesday, 21 Oct 2014
ok,so yesterday evening I got message from one guy,who was asking for a photo shoot with me.And when I saw the name,which was familiar to me,I knew who he is.It was little nephew from one of my friends from basick school.Well,he is no longer little,he is 24 years old now,but I remember him as a baby and we sometimes took him for a stroll when he was little.And of course he had no idea,who I am.So I told him,that I know his aunt and that I knew him since he was little.
Anyway it was so funny and he really wants to shoot with me,since he is photographer now and if I will be able to remove from my head the memorry of me takeing stroll with him as a baby,I may try to shoot some stuff with him for my website.
jana xoxo
Sunday, 19 Oct 2014
I hope you will like the vacation pics.I had to spread them in to three updates and you will see all of them this week.
I dont know why,but lately I have erotic dreams.And....,I like it:-)
jana xoxo
Saturday, 18 Oct 2014
I hope you all will have a great weekend.I am planing to see some of my friends,maybe go to see a movie.Take my dogs for long walk and will get some good lunch.
Jana xoxo