Hi, I am Jana Cova, former Digital Playground contract girl and Penthouse pet of the year 2003. I have also been featured in every major men's magazine such as Hustler, Penthouse, High Society, UK FHM, Men's World and others. I shot for the best video production and with the most profesional photographers mostly in U.S.A.
Since 2008 I have my own production. We focus on solo, hot masturbation scenes focusing on panythose fetish, JO talk fetish, light bondage, G/G hot and nasty videos.
As a member of my website you will have access to thousands of my photos and videos, updated 3 times a week, most of them shot exclusivly for my website. You can also watch my live web cam shows every Sunday, where you can see me interact with myself or with my man :)
ClubJanaCova is my one and only official website. I am not personaly affiliated with any other sites.

I am looking forward to see you inside. With all my love
Jana Cova

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19 Dec 2014
Merry Christmas-1
37 photos
17 Dec 2014
Black Lingerie
8min 44sec
15 Dec 2014
Sweet in Pink-2
44 photos
12 Dec 2014
Sweet in Pink 1
45 photos
10 Dec 2014
Stairs To Heaven
13min 00sec
Wednesday, 17 Dec 2014
some friends over for Mexican food and Spanish wine.
Jana xoxo
Wednesday, 17 Dec 2014
You will be able to see video from this bed soon on my website.
One of my favorite videos.Hot,horny,sexy...You will just wish to be there with me:_)
jana xoxo
Monday, 15 Dec 2014
Holidays are comming....
Jana xoxo
Monday, 15 Dec 2014
Bussy day today.I need to get all the calendars in order and také them to the post office.Than I need to go to Ikea store,buy some candles,since I am short of them home.I will also have a meeting there and lunch.Its funny,how Ikea makes really good food and its great place to have a meeting there:-)All in one,fast service,I will get some shooping done and will cover the meeting.
Thanks god I already have almoust all the christmas presents and so I really dont need to go to malls or stores.It would kill me.I use to enjoy shooping much more,than I do now.I really have to be in shooping mood to enjoy it.Otherwise I always get back with huge headache.
Have a great day.New web design is slowely comming:-)
jana xoxo
Sunday, 14 Dec 2014
all day working on videos yesteday.
Jana xoxo
Saturday, 13 Dec 2014
good morning everyone:-)
jana xoxo
Friday, 12 Dec 2014
I just picked up the calendars today and will send it to all of you,who already payed for it ,on Monday.

Jana xoxo
Thursday, 11 Dec 2014
I already picked up and booked my summer vacation for next year:-)I will go to Turkey again,love it there.Food is great and the people are nice.
Also spoked to my mom about possibility going with her to Istanbul,in May.So we will see.If I will be lucky to finde good deal for fly tickets and hotel,we will go for sure.I will just need sleeping pills with me this time,because my mom snores like no one:-)
I also decided to bake some sweets for Christmas and also will make the fancy bread.Lot of work,but as you all know,I love to cook and bake so it will be fun and I have the time for it now.
Have a great day.
Jana xoxo
Wednesday, 10 Dec 2014
here is a sample of my last photoshoot in Prague,with new photograph.You will see the full photosets on my website soon.In the mean time,let me know,what you think...
jana xoxo
Monday, 08 Dec 2014
Another one for you to like:-)
jana xoxo
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