Hi, I am Jana Cova, former Digital Playground contract girl and Penthouse pet of the year 2003. I have also been featured in every major men's magazine such as Hustler, Penthouse, High Society, UK FHM, Men's World and others. I shot for the best video production and with the most profesional photographers mostly in U.S.A.
Since 2008 I have my own production. We focus on solo, hot masturbation scenes focusing on panythose fetish, JO talk fetish, light bondage, G/G hot and nasty videos.
As a member of my website you will have access to thousands of my photos and videos, updated 3 times a week, most of them shot exclusivly for my website. You can also watch my live web cam shows every Sunday, where you can see me interact with myself or with my man :)
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I am looking forward to see you inside. With all my love
Jana Cova

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Thursday, 31 Jul 2014
Only three weeks I will be on my way to Stockholm ,with my mom.I can not wait and so my mom.
Its a Bday present for my mom,but I am sure,I will enjoy it too.And only two months and I will be on one of the most beautiful beach,in Guadeloupe.That is why I like to go for summer vacation in the end of summer,because the summer is very nice in Czech and it would be pitty to leave.So I always had my summer vacation,in the end of summer.And what I love the most,is to go to tropical islands in winter time.Which I wont do this year:-)
I have to run few errands today,but also will go for spinning.
Have a great day.
jana xoxo
Monday, 28 Jul 2014
Just finished my private web cam show and I had so many orgasms and I squerted like craezy,that I am really tired and need to chill out little bit.
its rainig right now and I will meet up my neighbours for wine tonight.
Jana. Xoxo
Monday, 28 Jul 2014
I hope you had great weekend.Mine was pretty dam good.We spent the Saturday afternoon at our friends house.Did very good BBQ and drinked lot of pink wine with my friend.
And Sudnay was more relaxing day for me.I had my friend over in my house,than I slept during the formula 1 race and than had dinner with my other friend.Also my neighbours wanted to go for wine,but I had to move it till today,since I had more than enough wine the day before.
Have a great day and enjoy today photo set:-)
jana xoxo
Friday, 25 Jul 2014
I had very good lunch with my mom yesterday.And only three weeks,till we will go to Stockholm.I can not wait and my mom is very much looking forwared to it as well.
I have some work to do today.Than I have to edit some videos and than I will go to spinning class.I need to start working out more,since its a bikiny season:-)Weekend will be colm and we will spend it with our freinds.
I hope your weekend will be great too and I also hope,you will enjoy the new pics.
jana xoxo
Tuesday, 22 Jul 2014
I hope you like the new photos on my website:-)
I am leaving to the center to run bunch of errands and finally I will go to spinning class as well today.Its been few weeks since I´v been there and worked out.The truth is,that I had other working out aktivity,but still I am missing spinning.
have a great and sunny day.
jana xoxo
Saturday, 19 Jul 2014
Its so freaking hot outside.I went to the center for coffe and Mochito and also visited the old underground, under the main market squear.It was pretty great and we were at 8 meters depth.Its hard to explain it,but this underground was used in the 14 plus century mostly as basements for people,who lived above.They used it as wine cellars,as a fridge,as a torture space(which was pretty dam cool to see all the torutre machines they used on people in the past).They say,that this type of underground goest true the whole city and outside of the city.I can only imagine,how long this underground tunnels are.They didnt opened all yet,and who knows,if they ever will open it for public to see it.
There is also true story,that woman was waiting on the bus station on one street in the center and the ground opened,and the woman desapered.She was never found.And everyone is just guessing,that the underground water took her away.that is why I dont také publick transportation here:-)
Have a great sunny and hot weekend.Will see you on Sunday at 5:30pm CET,which is 8:30am PST.
jana xoxo
Friday, 18 Jul 2014
And one more from Prague,Vltava river behinde me,plus bunch of yellow penguins:-)
Jana xoxo
Friday, 18 Jul 2014
one more from Pague:-)
jana xoxo
Thursday, 17 Jul 2014
Here is me,digging water well on our cottage.This was just a begining,and I still had smile on my face.I lost it,after two days:-)This is what happend,when the workers doesn´t show up:-)Two days of digging,my body in pain,I can baerly hold glass,I can baerly walk.Great work out,though:-)But never again,that is for sure.
Jana xoxo
Thursday, 17 Jul 2014
Here is little tease from my last photo shoot.You will see the first full sets on my website next week.

I am back from our cottage,it was hard two full days of working and my whole body is in pain.I will post some pics,so you can see,that not always I am glamoures:-)
jana xoxo