Hi, I am Jana Cova, former Digital Playground contract girl and Penthouse pet of the year 2003. I have also been featured in every major men's magazine such as Hustler, Penthouse, High Society, UK FHM, Men's World and others. I shot for the best video production and with the most profesional photographers mostly in U.S.A.
Since 2008 I have my own production. We focus on solo, hot masturbation scenes focusing on panythose fetish, JO talk fetish, light bondage, G/G hot and nasty videos.
As a member of my website you will have access to thousands of my photos and videos, updated 3 times a week, most of them shot exclusivly for my website. You can also watch my live web cam shows every Sunday, where you can see me interact with myself or with my man :)
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I am looking forward to see you inside. With all my love
Jana Cova

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Friday, 18 Apr 2014
Easter is comming,so big grocery shopping in front of me.Weather is great and we will have Bday celebration in my familly this Sunday,so I am looking forwared to it.I spent my whole afternoon answering questions for one interview,when it will be up on the website blog,I will let you know.I have to say,that this questions were pretty original and so it wasn´t the same over and over.
Early dinner at Monte Bú today,I can not wait.They have the best been soup I ever had,so spice that it will make you cry:-)
Have a great weekend and enjoy today photo update:-)
I am so much looking forwared to my summer vacation in Guadeloupe.It will so much fun and full two weeks on the sun with coctails in my hand :-)
I like winter and skiing,but I love sun and hot weather more.I am such a summer girl.
Wednesday, 16 Apr 2014
Nothing really new here ,I just have bunch of errands I need to run today,but the good thing is,that most of them are in the center and we already have Easter market on the main squear and so its fun to walk around and get some good food.I was planing to go to see a movie tonight,but decided not to.My next live show will be next week and it looks,like it will be BJ live show:-)
Have a great day
jana xoxo
Sunday, 13 Apr 2014
Thank you so much for all the wishes,you sent to me so far:-)Its so nice of you and I promise,I will keep bringing hot,new content on my website for you.
See,this is how I looked few years ago:-)Big eyes stayed, baby fat is gone:-)And Jana Cova was born:-))))))
jana xoxo
Saturday, 12 Apr 2014
My B-day is comming,so I have celebration today with my family.I wont say how old I am,lets just pretand,that I will celebrate my 28th birthday:-)
I switched my hair again.I really liked the banks,but it was way too much work for me every morning.When the wind blowed to my hair,it was all messed up.When was raining,I had the banks stuck on my forhead and I could go on and on.....SO I went to get my hair done and switched the banks to a side.Much better now:-)
I hope you all will have great weekend and I will see you tomorow in my chat room.It will be birthday live show.
jana xoxo
Tuesday, 08 Apr 2014
My home alone weekend is reaching the end slowely:-)And let me tell you,I had been busy as hell.Every night somewhere with someone.Yesterday I went for dinner and wine with my friend to Campus river restaurant.New place,that I wanted to try.It was cool and I had two glasess of wine and was buzzed.So I had to také drink&drive taxi home.Which was funny,becuase the driver,who droved my car with me was talking more,than any girl.
My birthday is camming and I decided to do small celebration in my house.Just my close family will come over.So it will be nice too.
Have a great day and enjoy my new video,that will be up on my website on Wednesday.
Jana xoxo
Sunday, 06 Apr 2014
My girly night with my best friend went really good:-)I wanted to go sleep around 10pm,at least that was my plan because I was tired and didnt sleep well the night before.But my friend sad NO.So we had some wine and than some champagne,because she sad,that she is out of house after such a long time and she wants to and needs to really enjoy it.But in the end,we had lot of fun and I slept like a rock.
She even told me,that she was little bit worry to come to my house,since she knew,that I am home alone for full week,with no sex and she thought,that I may seduce her:-)Well,I like girls as you all know,but I was a good girl and didn´t try to show her, how much I sometimes like girls:-)
Have a great rest of the weekend.
Jana xoxo
Friday, 04 Apr 2014
I am home alone the whole week and so I am trying to meet up with all my friends,that I didn´t see for a long time,because I am always busy and when its evening,I want to be at home and chill.I am sucha home body:-)So sometimes I fell bad,because I am in a contact with all of them, I promise to meet up for coffe,but than I have to cancel or something happend and I can not make it.So this week is pefect for me to see all my friends.I will also have lunch at Noem Arch,my favorite place to eat and than I will spend the night with my mom tonight,becuase we have some work to do tomorow morning.And than I will have my friend Kristina stay over in my house till Sunday.It will be fun,I love her,her whole life is full of drama.Completly different than mine,but we are best friends almoust 20 years.We will get wine and I will cook some good food and will just talk and chill with my dogs:-)
Have a great weekend,I am sorry that there was no video update this Wednesday,I am working on it.My webmaster propably forgot,that I exist:-)
Jana xoxo
Thursday, 03 Apr 2014
Good morning,I dont know what is going on,but all my friends are having partnership problmes.So every day,I have one frined here to complain about her partner or husband.Other day,I have other friend in my house to do the same.I listen to them and think of it,how much one person is able to put up with??Oh well,we all have to go true this,I guess.
I will go for spinning class today and also tan.Its been months since I tan and I need some color.
As you can see,I moved my live show to this Sunday,April 6th,at 11am PST,which is 8PM CET.I am looking forwared to see you than.
jana xoxo
Sunday, 30 Mar 2014
I just got back from my parents cottage.It was mostly working weekend for me,but still I enjoyed it there,plus the weather was really good and sunny.
I hope,you are enjoying my new video,that was posted on my website and also the "private and working pics".You can be looking forwared to my next live show as well.
I am looking for some new locations and its getting harder and harder to finde some cool place for shooting,for good price.So next week I will end up looking and trying to finde some nice place,for our next shoot.
Jana xoxo
Thursday, 27 Mar 2014
I took a day off yesterday and went to swith my summer tires and also had early dinner with my friend.We went to little Italian place and had great food.The only weird and funny thing at the same time was the waiter.He turned every meal in to sex talk and we let him have his moment and had fun with it.He was propably bored,because we were the only guests there.Still,the food was excelent and we had fun with my best friend.
Back to reality,today will be busy day and I need to run bunch of errands.
We laso had the little private ceremony,where we burryed my fathers urn.It was very touching and my mom add to the box little white envelope,with pics of all of us and little note from her.Which sad,that she will always love my dad.I cryed,when I sew it.But I think it was great idea my mom had and finally now, we can come to visit my dad when ever we will want to.
Have a great day.
jana xoxo
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