Hi, I am Jana Cova, former Digital Playground contract girl and Penthouse pet of the year 2003. I have also been featured in every major men's magazine such as Hustler, Penthouse, High Society, UK FHM, Men's World and others. I shot for the best video production and with the most profesional photographers mostly in U.S.A.
Since 2008 I have my own production. We focus on solo, hot masturbation scenes focusing on panythose fetish, JO talk fetish, light bondage, G/G hot and nasty videos.
As a member of my website you will have access to thousands of my photos and videos, updated 3 times a week, most of them shot exclusivly for my website. You can also watch my live web cam shows every Sunday, where you can see me interact with myself or with my man :)
ClubJanaCova is my one and only official website. I am not personaly affiliated with any other sites.

I am looking forward to see you inside. With all my love
Jana Cova

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Rock it on rock wall 2
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Work it on old tires 2
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Hot,sunny day 2
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Monday, 01 Sep 2014
Happy Labor day to all of my American fans.I spent bunch of Labor days in LA and I just think,that this is nice and cool holiday.But still my all time favortie is Thanksgiving.
I slept like a rock and when I woked up,it was raining and walk my dogs in a rain is no fun at all.Not for them and not for me.Of course when I was unlocking door from ym house,I sliped on the wet floor and almoust broked my wrist.And because its better be safe than sorry,I will stay at home the whole morning:-)
Jana xoxo
Sunday, 31 Aug 2014
I hope you all will have a great rest of the Sunday.I just took my friend to the airport and now I am starving.Need to come up with some good idea for great lunch.Weather sucks,but if I will put jacket and my UGG´s to keep me warm,I may do some BBQ outside:-)
I am planing to watch some movie and than Pilates.
We were planing go to see some movie yesterday evening,but for some reason I couldn´t do anything with my hair.So I sad f..k it and went for long walk to the near forest with my dogs.They were happy and I was happy to,that I didnt have to make my hair look perfect.Sometimes it sucks....:-)
Jana xoxo
Saturday, 30 Aug 2014
I will see you in about 30 minutes,for my live show.I have new neighbour and he invited me for glass of wine and to see his house yesterday evening.He is almoust 80 years old,but such a gentleman.Young boys should learn from guys like he is,how to be a gentleman and how to treat a woman.I will meat up my mom for lunch today and than will work on some videos.I also plan to go to see a movie tonight.
My website shoot is next Friday and I really need the weather to be good,since we have great backyard at the location. I would like to shoot some outdoor pics as well.
Have a great weekend.
Jana xoxo
Wednesday, 27 Aug 2014
One more from Stockholm.
Tuesday, 26 Aug 2014
I have schedguled my live web cam show for this coming Saturday at 8:30am CET,which is Friday at 11:30pm PST.Hope to see you than in my chat room and I belive,we will have fun again.
Its raining and so I spend the whole day in front of my compiuter,editing some videos and makeing sure,that everything is ready for my next website shoot.
Jana xoxo
Monday, 25 Aug 2014
Relaxing and watching Two and half man.
Sunday, 24 Aug 2014
Airport wine.What will be next.....Still two houres before také off.
jana xoxo
Sunday, 24 Aug 2014
Airport coffe with my mom.
jana xoxo
Sunday, 24 Aug 2014
Getting to Vasa museum.
Sunday, 24 Aug 2014
My dinner.Who sad,that I can not eat it all.