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Each entry will contain the name of the magazine, it's country of origin, the issue number or date, the title of the pictorial (and, where appropriate, any pseudonym given to Jana), the relevant page numbers, the name of the photographer responsible for the pictures, and whether or not Jana appears on the cover.

Some notes:

Where any information is unavailable or uncertain, it will be followed by a "?". If any fans can either confirm or correct any information, or can cite any magazine appearances not included in this bibliography, please write me at

The bibliography will be amended and updated as often as is practical.

Countries of Origin:


This is a comprehensive alphabetical listing of screen appearances by Jana Cova that have been commercially released on videocassette and/or DVD. Each entry comprises the title, followed by any pseudonyms under which Jana may appear, followed by the name of the studio or releasing company. While many of these titles can be purchased from any reputable dealer, please note that certain niche titles may only be available from their relevant corporate websites (for example, FM Concepts and California Wildcats).

Caveat emptor: Adult videos are notorious for 'recycling' sequences from one film to another. Be aware that any number of the films listed below may include scenes featuring Jana that might have appeared earlier under a different title.

Caveat emptor 2: Videocassettes or DVDs produced in one country may not be compatible with equipment in another country. If you are planning to order any of these titles from abroad, check that your VCR, DVD player and television are capable of playing them. Particular note should be made of titles supplied as DVD-R: check beforehand that your player can handle this type of disc.